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Rocks and Minerals
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Structure of earth
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Simple Machines
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Animal Adaptations
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Plant Adaptations
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Solar System

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Structure of Earth App

'easyLearn Earth Science : Structure of Earth' is an attractive way for kids to learn about the Structure of Earth. The facts are presented in a very simple manner and with lots of pictures, kids can learn the facts, practice what they learned and then take the quiz and check their answers.

It covers all the basic facts that elementary and middle school kids need to learn, about how the Earth is made: Earth's interior, tectonic plates, soil, all types of landforms and waterbodies (continents, pangaea, mountains, volcanoes, hills, plateaus, islands, valleys, canyons, caves, plains, grasslands, deserts, tundras, coasts, beaches, wetlands, forests, polar regions, glaciers, oceans, seas, bays, gulfs, rivers, waterfalls, deltas, lakes, atmospheric layers, air, clouds and more) and disasters caused by them, Ex, Earthquakes.

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