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rocks and minerals app
Rocks and Minerals
structure of earth app
Structure of earth
simple machines app
Simple Machines
magnets app
adaptations in animals app
Animal Adaptations
adaptations in plants app
Plant Adaptations
diseases app
solar system app
Solar System

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IPad and IPhone Apps

Educational Games for IPad and IPhone. English Grammar and Science Apps for Elementary and Middle School Kids.

English Grammar IPad, IPhone Apps

  • These apps are an interactive learning tool suitable for kids in elementary and middle schools.
  • With over 400 questions divided into 20 quizzes, the apps offer 8 different question formats, more than any other app in the AppStore.
  • Learn, practice the quiz, take a test and compare your answers with correct answers.
  • Content developed by teachers and covers Common Core Standards and much more.
  • Over 1,000 vocabulary words used in each app.


  • MULTIPLE CHOICE: Choose the correct answer to a question, with 2, 3 or 4 answer choices.
  • TRUE/FALSE: Indicate whether a given sentence is true or false.
  • TYPE ANSWER: Type the answer to a question using the keyboard.
  • FILL IN THE BLANKS: Choose the best answer that fits in the blank space to make a correct sentence.
  • SELECT WORDS: Select certain words in the sentence according to the instruction.
  • CAPITALIZE WORDS: Select certain words in the sentence according to the instruction, in order to capitalize them.
  • SORT WORDS: Sort the items (words or phrases) into two groups.
  • UNSCRAMBLE WORDS: Move the words to their correct positions within a sentence, in order to form a correct sentence.


LEARN MODE: Contains short lessons to get an overview of the topic.

PRACTICE MODE: Contains 20 quizzes with 15 to 22 questions in each quiz. In each quiz, find and learn the correct answer to each question, improve your skills and prepare yourself for the “Test” mode.

TEST MODE: Contains all the quizzes that are available in "Practice" mode. Select your answer for each question in the quiz, and get your scores in the end. Score categories are: “correct”, “partly correct”, “wrong” and “no answer”.

ANSWER MODE: Available after completing the "Test" mode. Compare your selected answers with the correct answers using “My Answers” and “Correct Answers” tabs.