IPad Apps

rocks and minerals app
Rocks and Minerals
structure of earth app
Structure of earth
simple machines app
Simple Machines
magnets app
adaptations in animals app
Animal Adaptations
adaptations in plants app
Plant Adaptations
diseases app
solar system app
Solar System

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IPad and IPhone Apps

Educational Games for IPad and IPhone. English Grammar and Science Apps for Elementary and Middle School Kids.

FunAppSchool - We create Apps for Elementary and Middle School Kids.

We have worked hard to invent games out of any concept that we have come across for our IPad and IPhone Apps.

We have created great games for Elementary School Kids, Montessori School Kids, Primary School Kids.

Our Goal is to provide Education through Apps and help children gain confidence and skill. We like to promote innovative learning experience for our App Users.

All of us are aware that playing is an integral part of childhood. Children love to learn while playing. Also we know that studying is equally important for a child. We have combined these activities of studying and playing together and created some of the finest educational apps that are available in the app store.

We know that Children learn far more when they believe that they are playing. The educational apps are fun to play. It is evident that you learn while playing as you can see in Kindergartens who use this to a great extent. These apps are great for Elementary school, Montessori school and Primary School Kids.