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Green Energy

Green energy is environmentally friendly energy. It refers to energy sources that have little or less of a negative impact on the environment than do other types of energies.

It is called sustainable because of its ability to meet the present demands without compromising its ability to meet the demands of future generations.

Green energy basically talks about sustainable energy sources, like renewable types of energy. These are solar energy, hydro energy, geothermal energy, and wind energy.

Sometimes, non-renewable energy sources like nuclear energy is considered green energy because of the lower content of waste material it generates, compared with fossil fuels like coal and gas.

Green energy does not only concern itself with the pollution to the environment during the production of electricity and other secondary energy sources. It also refers to its ability to sustain the environment during the extraction and generation process.

Green energy is becoming increasingly popular because of the huge burden of greenhouse gases such as CO2 on the atmosphere.

Solar and wind fields are considered green “power plants”. These buildings and structures are architecturally designed to exploit the naturally occurring daytime heating and nighttime heating and cooling system of the atmosphere. Thus, these buildings become green energy sources.

Another method of green energy is a house or building sending back excess energy produced (for example through solar panels) through the local power grid to other needy destinations.

One of the main concerns and aims of green energy technology is to ‘clean up’ existing fossil fuels energies, so as to make them cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

An example of this venture is the clean coal technology where the aim is to try to extract energy from fossil fuels without the negative side effects (greenhouse gasses).

The trick of these technologies is not only to be able to extract these energies without the harmful side effects, but also to be cost and energy efficient at the same time.